Lesson Policy

Enrollment reserves weekly scheduled studio time. On average, 4 lessons per month; 48 lessons per year, out of 52 weeks. The remaining 4 weeks are reserved for holidays and/or excused absences. These factors may depend on the day of the week that your lessons take place.

Enroll at any time. Your first month may be prorated.

Payments are made on a monthly basis.

If withdrawing from lessons, please provide notice by the 15th day of the final month.

Regular practice is expected.


To progress on the instrument, it is important to make your best effort to attend weekly. Please keep in mind that the monthly rate is not based on how many sessions attended, but the reserved weekly studio time.

An attendance log will be kept in the student’s Google Drive folder.

Excused absences may be the result of illness, emergency, or other difficult situations. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for absences in order to be eligible for make-up time. Please inform the teacher of extenuating circumstances if this notice is not possible.

Attendance should not be determined by amount of practice or progress.

Make-up lessons are subject to availability. Limit of 1 make-up lesson per 3 months. Make-up lesson must be taken within 4 weeks of the missed lesson date. Make-up lessons are only available to currently enrolled students.

A Zoom lesson will be arranged if there is trouble with transportation or health concerns. Please do not attend in person lessons while ill.

A recorded video can be made for the student during the lesson time when absence is unavoidable.

Teacher absences are rare, but may happen. Substitute teachers can be assigned without notice.

Other details:

Gift certificates are based on (consecutive) weekly lessons. The attendance policy is applicable. Certificates must be redeemed within a year of purchase.

The Google Drive folder is only available to currently enrolled students.

A two-week prorate option is available for the summer months (July-August). This reserves your weekly day/time while on vacation.

Monthly rates are for regular weekly lessons. These rates are not based on individual lesson pricing. Drop-in lessons may be available, but different rates apply. Please inquire for more information.